On this page you will find an overview of all education sessions. Your practitioner may have recommended that you watch one or more videos. The videos can only be viewed by patients who are currently following a treatment programme at or through Ciro. 


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Overview education sessions


Occupational therapy

Nursing staff



Psycho-social team







01. How do the lungs work & what is COPD?


02. What is shortness of breath?


03. What is a lung attack?


04. How does medication affect the lungs?


05. Effects of chronic oxygen therapy





Occupational therapy


06. Application of a good load/capacity balance


07. Influence of posture and movement on breathing during daily activities





Nursing staff


08. Early detection and action in the event of a lung attack


09. How to use inhalation medication







10. Effects of physical training & usefulness and necessity of exercise








11. Nutrition in the event of heart failure


12. Healthy diet


13. Energy-enriched and protein-enriched diet


14. Energy-restricted diet





Psycho-social team


15. How do I keep moving?


16. Dealing with a chronic condition


17. Fear of shortness of breath


18. Quitting smoking