Terms and conditions


General Terms and Conditions

These are the general terms and conditions of Ciro that apply to MijnCiro.nl. We recommend that you read these terms carefully so that you are aware of your rights and obligations when using MijnCiro.nl. By using MijnCiro.nl, in any way, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Ciro is entitled to change these terms and conditions and exclusions unilaterally at any time, without notifying you or asking for your consent. Ciro will post a message about the change on the Ciro website and MijnCiro.nl. The most up-to-date terms and conditions can be consulted on the MijnCiro.nl website. It is your responsibility to keep abreast of the most recent terms and conditions by consulting them regularly. By logging in to MijnCiro.nl, you agree to be bound by the current terms and conditions.


Ciro offers patients access to (parts of) its electronic patient file via MijnCiro.nl. MijnCiro.nl also allows patients to fill in questionnaires prior to a visit to Ciro (in the case of the Sleep Centre), so that these are available to the practitioner during the visit. MijnCiro.nl also allows patients to view upcoming and past appointments (in the case of the Sleep Centre).

Ciro’s services are constantly evolving. The configuration and content of MijnCiro.nl may change from time to time without all users being informed of this in advance. In addition, Ciro can stop (temporarily or permanently) offering services (including MijnCiro.nl) to patients without Ciro being able to warn patients about this in advance.


Ciro handles the personal data of its patients on MijnCiro.nl with the greatest possible care. When processing personal data, Ciro acts in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, the Civil Code (Medical Treatment Agreement Act) and other applicable laws and regulations. Despite the constant care and attention paid to the updating and correctness of the data, it’s possible that information is not, or is no longer, complete or correct. No rights can be derived from the information stored in underlying systems (such as the electronic patient file) that is made available to the patient concerned via this patient portal.


MijnCiro.nl complies with high security requirements in the field of privacy protection in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. The contents of this patient portal have been put together with great care. Nevertheless, imperfections may occur when using this website or that certain information may be incorrect and/or incomplete. In no way can Ciro accept liability towards anyone. The information shown and recorded comes from various healthcare professionals at Ciro. If you have questions about certain data, please contact the responsible healthcare professional.

Authorisation, identification and termination of access

1. Access to MijnCiro.nl is only granted to patients aged 18 and over who are registered at Ciro with a verified Citizen Service Number.

2. Access to MijnCiro.nl is personally linked to the patient.

3A. Patients can only gain access to the full environment of MijnCiro.nl if they are registered as a patient at Ciro on the basis of valid identification (passport, ID card or driving licence) and a Citizen Service Number.

3B. Patients can only gain access to MijnCiro.nl if they have an e-mail address (due to the login link) and a mobile phone (needed for SMS verification).

4. Patients have the right to withdraw their consent for access to MijnCiro.nl at any time and to have their access terminated. After termination of access to MijnCiro.nl, the patient can no longer access the data. The data will remain in Ciro’s electronic patient file.

5. If Ciro finds out that a patient has died, Ciro will terminate this patient’s access to MijnCiro.nl.

6. Ciro will only terminate access to MijnCiro.nl at the patient’s request, in the event of immediately necessary temporary measures or in cases specified in these terms and conditions.

7. Ciro retains the right to make a report if it is discovered that patients or others are attempting to gain access to MijnCiro.nl improperly, or if access has been gained improperly, or if false documents such as ID, etc. have been used.

Patient obligations when accessing MijnCiro.nl

8. Patients undertake to keep their login codes strictly confidential and not make them available to third parties. Patients are liable for anything that happens because others use their login details, with or without their permission or knowledge.

9. Patients guarantee that they are authorised to use MijnCiro.nl. Patients are obliged to comply with the obligations arising from these terms and conditions at all times and to observe all laws and regulations applicable to the use of MijnCiro.nl.

10. Patients are responsible for managing and disseminating the information they obtain through MijnCiro.nl, e.g. on their own computer or the internet. Ciro is in no way responsible for this. Patients are also responsible for the security of their own equipment, including using current security updates and legal software, using access codes, and logging out after each use. Patients should report to Ciro any incidents where it is suspected that someone else has access to their data (file) via MijnCiro.nl or any other unusual events.

11. Patients are entirely, independently and solely responsible for the use, in whatever manner, of MijnCiro.nl. Patients are responsible for the choice of information and the use of that information. Patients safeguard Ciro against liability in connection with damage suffered by patients as a result of access to MijnCiro.nl.

12. Participation in MijnCiro.nl explicitly does not mean that patients consent to the use of medical data for statistical overviews and/or scientific research. Separate permission must be obtained from the patient for this.

13. Patients shall not use inappropriate language, untruths or misleading information in their communication in MijnCiro.nl (e.g. when filling in questionnaires).

14. Patients use the functionalities in MijnCiro.nl in accordance with the indicated purpose and instructions. Patients shall not perform actions that unnecessarily burden the system, damage the system or data, make it unusable or inaccessible, or other actions intended to circumvent technical protection measures of MijnCiro.nl or Ciro. Patients shall not delete any data. Patients shall not restrict or inhibit other patients’ use of MijnCiro.nl. Patients shall not perform any other actions that are otherwise unlawful towards Ciro or a third party.

16. Patients are aware that Ciro monitors the use of MijnCiro.nl and, if necessary, will take measures against violations of the obligations, as mentioned in these terms and conditions. Such measures may include warning the patient and deactivating the patient’s access to MijnCiro.nl.

Ciro’s obligations

17. Ciro undertakes to make every effort to keep MijnCiro.nl available to patients at all times. Nevertheless, Ciro cannot guarantee that MijnCiro.nl will be accessible at all times without interruptions or breakdowns.

18. Ciro undertakes to make every effort to keep MijnCiro.nl safe for patients. This means that Ciro takes appropriate measures against the loss or any form of unlawful use of data.

19. . You can see that you are using a secure connection by looking at the address bar (URL). If the URL starts with https:// instead of http://, the page is on a secure server. This means that data cannot be read or decoded by persons who do not have permission. You can also check whether you are actually connected to Ciro by looking at the digital certificate. You will find the certificate under the padlock icon. Depending on your browser, this padlock can be found to the left or right of the address bar. Click on the icon in your browser for more information.

20. Ciro makes every effort to provide complete, correct and accurate information on MijnCiro.nl.

21. Ciro does not offer any support when establishing a connection between your computer and MijnCiro.nl. Ciro undertakes to set up a help desk for the users of MijnCiro.nl. Users can pass on problems, errors or suggestions for improving the system to the help desk.


22. Ciro is not liable for damage, in any form whatsoever, resulting from the use of MijnCiro.nl, including but not limited to damage as a result of inaccuracy, unsuitability, incompleteness or lack of timeliness of the information.

23. MijnCiro.nl may offer links to other (medical) websites that are not under the control of Ciro. These link(s) are included for information purposes. Ciro has not checked the accuracy of the information contained in/on these websites and therefore cannot guarantee their correctness.


24. The information displayed on MijnCiro.nl, such as texts, images, brands, logos, (trade) names or information in any other form, are the property of Ciro or licensed to the client of the web environment.

Final clause

In cases not provided for in these terms and conditions and exclusions, Ciro shall decide.


If you have questions and/or remarks regarding the processing of your personal data within MijnCiro.nl, you can send an e-mail to privacy@ciro-horn.nl. Suggestions and ideas are always welcome. You can pass these on by sending an e-mail to info@ciro-horn.nl.